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Does Cold Calling Still Work? ProspectBoss Says YES!

The short answer is YES! It does work, but you have to actually DO the work.  Cold calling isn’t dead, but it takes some work to get it right.  The pay off is BIG though! With cold calling today, you’ve got a bank of people on the phones, all following the same...

Agent Circle Prospecting with ProspectBoss

When you are working in a specific field, you need specific tools. Tools that are designed to make your particular job easier and more successful. Agent Circle Prospecting (or ACP) is one of those tools.  It is simple, yet powerful. Here’s how it works.  ACP is a data...

5 Best FSBO Scripts to Use With ProspectBoss

We all want to be able to prospect the most efficiently so that we don’t waste our time or our prospective clients time. We also want to offer value without giving ourselves away. ProspectBoss has compiled a list of 5 of the most effective FSBO scripts from the very...

ProspectBoss Newest Feature: Tasks!!

It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  And here at ProspectBoss, our goal is to do just that.  We are constantly viewing feedback from our customers and improving our platform so that it makes your prospecting life easier.   With that being said,...

ProspectBoss and Prospect SDL (Formerly SalesDataList)

Rebranding takes a lot of work, planning, and time.  We love the changes that rebranding from SalesDialers to ProspectBoss has brought and we are continuing to improve and innovate to bring you the very best we can offer.  Rebranding our CRM Dialer has brought about...

New ProspectBoss UI Changes

We are constantly trying to make ProspectBoss better and while these changes are not huge, they do help make it a little more user-friendly, and the overall look and feel of it more appealing.  We hope that you will find these changes useful! The first thing we...

New Product: Prospect Boss Reverse Lookup

This technology can be very useful in searching for phone numbers for those referrals you acquire on potential customers but just don’t have a number to go with that contact info.

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