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SalesLoft vs SalesDialers.com (Now Prospect Boss)

SalesLoft vs Prospect Boss Product and Features Comparison SalesLoft SalesLoft offers a sales dialer to connect and convert leads faster. The dialer works with salesforce, gmail and chrome allowing customers to dial within the CRM, email or browser without connecting...

T-Max Dialer vs SalesDialers (Now Prospect Boss)

T-Max Dialer T-Max Dialer is a predictive dialer system which is different than a power dialer system because it dials numbers and connects to a prospect before assigning that call to an agent.  Pricing is $100 per month per seat and you can add-on additional features...

Mojo Sells VS SalesDialers.com (Now Prospect Boss)

Mojo Dialer Mojo Dialer is a power dialer system that offers unlimited single-line  and triple-line dialing and CRM services. They offer a variety of features, some included in the cost of $149 per month and some features cost extra to add on. You can either pay...

FSBO Scripts in 3 Styles to Help You Nail the Listing

For Sale By Owner (or FSBO) properties come with their fair share of challenges. As an agent, you have more work to do to get one of these properties listed. Sellers of FSBO’s often have a mindset that they are going to do it on their own for whatever their reason may...

Improving Your Conversation Skills For Sales

What is one of the most important aspects of sales?  It’s not the product or the price. Any guesses? It’s communication. But more specifically, it’s the art of conversation.  If every point of contact you make comes across as a sales pitch and nothing more, sales will...

Can Cold Calling Be Effective?

Can cold calling be effective?  In a word, yes. But the how is a bit more lengthy.  Who likes cold calling? ….. Anyone? No. Who likes to be cold called? ….. Again, no one. So how can cold calling be effective, you may ask.  Well, here are a few tips on how to cold...

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