Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

Don’t want to make phone calls? No worries!

ProspectBoss just signed a contract with one of the top real estate ISA companies in America.

Have an experienced inside sales agent to prospect for for sale by owners and expireds while you work on other tasks for your business. The ISAs spend 10 hours training to learn about all aspects of your business so they can take over this part of your business as smoothly as possible. 

The ISAs call on your time frame and book for sale by owner appointments and expired appointments and then send them over to you to close. ProspectBoss works with only the best ISA companies in America. These ISAs have been making real estate phone calls for 10 years and have a proven track record to get results for you instantly.

Each package comes ProspectBoss’ for sale by owner and expired listings as well as our award-winning CRM dialer to increase efficiency for the ISAs, receive full report tracking each week.

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Common Questions

Do I need my own leads?

You can use your own leads, but this service does come with FSBO and Expired leads. We recommend starting with 200-300 leads if cold calling.

Do you alert me to an appointment?

Yes! You can either have the agent warm transfer the leads after qualification or use our default method where we alert you in the End of Day report and either a text, Skype or phone call. Included in the alert will be a detailed description of the appointment, why the lead is interested in meeting with you, what they need, the best times, details of the prospect’s situation, the time and date of the appointment – or the prospect’s preferred times and dates depending on your calendar and availability.

Do you qualify the appointments?

Yes, we use Mike Ferry scripts by default but can use any script you choose. The Mike Ferry scripts include seven to eight qualifiers, which is usually enough. We can add more if needed.

We also verify the appointment with one of our managers – who listens to the call – to make sure it is valid and communicated to you properly.


What scripts do you use?

We train with Mike Ferry FSBO, Expired, circle prospecting, and buyer leads scripts and will use those by default unless you want us to use something else. We will learn any new scripts within two to three days, as requested by our clients.

How many calls do you make an hour?

We average 80 to 100 with the CRM Dialer. Those numbers can increase or decrease depending on talk time with the clients.

How do I know my ISA is doing their work?

We have three different layers of accountability.

1.) Reporting from the ISA. Checking in before the call session, during the session to update appointments and leads, and at the end of the session with a detailed report.

2.) Call logs and call recordings. We track every call made and record every call, which you have access to any time you want. 

3.) For our senior ISA’s working from home, we screenshot them every five seconds and track everything done on their computers during their work hours. You can have access to those reports as well.

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