Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

Don’t want to make phone calls? No worries!

Prospect boss just signed a contract with one of the top real estate ISA companies in America.

Have an experienced inside sales agent to prospect for for sale by owners and expireds while you work on other tasks for your business. The ISAs spend 10 hours training to learn about all aspects of your business so they can take over this part of your business as smoothly as possible. 

The ISAs call on your time frame and book for sale by owner appointments and expired appointments and then send them over to you to close. ProspectBoss works with only the best ISA companies in America. These ISAs have been making real estate phone calls for 10 years and have a proven track record to get results for you instantly.

Each package comes ProspectBoss’ for sale by owner and expired listings as well as our award-winning CRM dialer to increase efficiency for the ISAs. The ISAs will be on average making $150 an hour and booking appointments for you, with full report tracking each week.

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